Sunday, January 1, 2012

Red & White Swirl

Here are some pictures of my nail for Christmas. I used "Gone Gonzo!" door the accent and red and white for the swirl.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Muppets Part 1

I just got some of the new holiday collection by OPI. Here's Meep-Meep-Meep (Bright Red) under Excuse Moi (Rainbow Glitter) and  Warm & Fozzie (Metallic Bronze) on the rest of my nails.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I got a few new colors and want to test them out so I probably won't be doing any designs until I've tested all of them out. It's nice to become familiar with the colors in my collection that way I would know which colors go well together since the colors look different when they are in the bottle and the nails.

The one I have on right now is called "Road House Blues" from the Touring America Collection. It's a midnight blue color, which I really like because it looks sophisticated yet youthful.
Here are some pictures under regular lighting and under direct spotlight so you could see the intensity of the color


It's not as much as a lot of bloggers have but it's ok since I haven't been  buying nail polish that long. I would need a bigger room to collect more. My room is tiny!

I have a lot of pinks!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I apologize for  being m.i.a. but don't think that my nails were 'naked' this whole time. Here are pictures of my nails. I'm going to update again soon. I promise!

This is Fireworks & Fourth of July inspired. I used "In The Spotlight Pink" (Cirque du Femme Collection by OPI) as a base. "Swimsuit... Nailed It!" (Miss Universe Collection by OPI) for the tips, "The Show Must Go On" (Burlesque Collection by OPI), "Bling Dynasty" (Hong Kong Collection by OPI), and "DS Radiance" (Designer Series by OPI) for the Dots. Topped everything with "Crown Me Already" (Miss Universe Collection by OPI)

and Yes, I know that's a lot of nail polish :-P

SHATTERED NAILS! from Thumb to Pinky: Black Shatter over "DS Radiace", Black Shatter over "Color So Hot It Berns" (Swiss Collection), "Austintatious Turquoise" under Black Shatter, "DS Radiance" under Turquoise Shatter, and "Color So Hot It Berns" under Black Shatter.

These colors are so bright and fun! DS Radiance (Silver) & DS Magic (Blue) By OPI
DS stands for Designer Series and are considered (by some) as Limited Edition. They cost a few dollars more than regular OPI nail polish (about $16) because they use a diamond dust formula, which gives DS colors the ultra- glimmering shine.These colors are so glamorous they could turn you into a diva.... or not!

French Manicure with Hearts Using "Play the Peonies" & "Be A Dahlia Won't You" from OPI.

Random Desing using the Nice Stems Collection by OPI ("Play the Peonies", "Come to Poppy", "Be a Dahlia Won't You", "I Lily Love You"). I love this Collection!

"Totally Fort Worth It" (Texas Collection)

Thursday, June 16, 2011


I first saw this nail art from a friend and have been wanting to try it since. It is a pretty simple process but requires precision and quickness and just like any first attempt I didn't exactly "nail" this one.

Since the steps I did in designing my nails didn't come out as I like this time I will post the complete how to after my second attempt and found ways to correct my errors. Be patient with me please i'm only human :)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


For this week, I tried the new Turquoise Shatter from OPI with the Princesses Rule as a base color, which is also by OPI. I think the two colors were a good mix because they were both sparkly and the finished product looks very shiny.
QUICK TIP: If you're planning to use the Shatter or any other crackle-type polishes, make sure to apply only a thin layer and to only use one coat. It takes a while for the polish to "shatter" so if you don't see it shattering right away, DO NOT panic! Also, the polish dries very quick so make sure to apply it very quickly and that there is no fan blowing anywhere near your hands!
It's a really fun collection and I highly reccomend it. :)